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You are now left with a few choices:

1) You are able to refute the evidence by giving me any natural explanation of how this could have happened (statements such as 'It's a coincidence' or 'I can't think of one but there must be one' do not qualify as valid refutations, for obvious reasons). Then we all go back to the drawing board and do our best to work out what life's all about.

2) You are unable to refute the evidence, in which case you:

   a) Ignore it as it has consequences you don't think you can deal with, (you've already made your life choices, you don't want it to be true, your friends will think you are naive, you don't like some things you think Judaism teaches, why do bad things happen to good people? You love cheeseburgers etc.).

This would be highly intellectually dishonest and irrational, not to say a little foolish — but is unfortunately by far the easiest and most common response. Please don't be one of these.

   b) Totally change your life and become a self-righteous religious fanatic overnight.

This would be unhealthy and not encouraged, not to say misses the point. (The more observant you become, the less judgmental and more loving, accepting, and all-embracing you become).

   c) Be extremely excited and relieved that you finally know where to start looking to learn about the purpose of your creation and how to start living it joyously and consciously. Start moving very slowly and healthily in that direction. Good, rational, healthy choice — go for it.

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