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There is an objective truth to reality.

​Either there is an Infinite, Conscious, Intelligent Creator of the universe, or there isn't. 
Either Hinduism/Islam/Christianity/Judaism are correct in saying you do have a soul, or Buddhism/Atheism is correct in saying you don't.
Either there is life after death, or there isn't.

Some of the most fundamental questions we can ask ourselves are: What is the truth of existence? 
Is there a purpose to life, and if so, what is it? How do you know what you believe is actually true?

Most people are just a product of their society. They believe what they believe either because they were told it by teachers, parents, or friends or because they just want it to be true. If you grew up in India, you'd believe in many gods; in China, you'd be a communist; in parts of Jerusalem, you'd wear only black and white; in Iran, you'd be a Shia Muslim; in Saudi Arabia, you'd be a Sunni. 

The only rational reason to believe in something is that you have logical evidence for it. Not what you were told, not what feels right, but what has strong supporting evidence. Faith means you believe without any evidence. Belief means you have some evidence. Knowledge is when you have so much (beyond a reasonable doubt) evidence that it would be irrational not to believe. 

On this website, I share three compelling pieces of evidence that the Jewish Holy books can not have been written without Divine Intervention. 

I invite you to come on this incredible journey with me by either:
a) refuting the evidence
b) showing me similar evidence in other religions or texts or
​c) moving towards living a life in line with these truths. 

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Before you go any further:
Please remember that just because you may be right, it doesn't make you
nicer, more spiritual, happier, friendlier or better than anyone else.

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